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My name is Chip, or "edgy 2000's kid" as a secondary handle.


I'm an artist, gamer, racer and tech enthusiast that is setting out to relive better days! I've been using my project XP machine from 2005 as my "main" PC for a while now.


This site is dedicated to my love for the Geocities era of the interweb, so to keep it authentic everything is made using Publisher 2003 and further html edits are done through Notepad (as they should be.) ;>

Art by FrozenBreadDrawings
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It's aliveee! My complete redesign of the site is finally up and running. It's pretty barren right now, but I'll keep touching it up.


Let's just hope Publisher 2003 doesn't have other ideas.


To do:

> Add socials, portfolio, etc.

> Integrate cooool CSS stuff!

> Make the site look... cool

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